Arzei Halevanon - ארזי הלבנון


The religious Pre-Military Academy - “Mechina -Arzei HaLevanon” was established in 2001 in Ma'ale Efraim in the Jordan Valley, and today resides in community of Shilo in the Binyamin Region.

At the Arzei HaLevanon Mechina the emphasis is put on developing the students’ personalities, ethics and values. The students learn Gemara, Halacha, The Bible, and the teaching of Rav Kook’s philosophy. The Mechina provides unique leadership education instilling the students with Jewish and Zionist values, and a sense of purpose inspiring them to perform to the best of their abilities both during and after their IDF military service.

The students at the Mechina are prepared for their military service not only with spiritual studies but also by going on navigational hikes, physical training and by visiting and becoming familiar with various branches of service.

Students from the Mechina who join the IDF are extremely motivated and hold deep moral values, which strongly contribute to the high level of professionalism and Jewish values of the Israeli army.

Many students go on to serve in some of the IDF’s most elite units, including the Air Force, the Submarine Force, the Golani and Paratroop Brigades and more.

18 Month Program Scholarships

Students pay tuition fees at the Mechina, however many families have severe financial difficulties and therefore the Mechina is required to establish a scholarship fund for 20 scholarships, each in the amount of $5000.

Alumni Project

Most recently a new innovative program has been established for the alumni. Arzei HaLevanon recognized the need to offer graduates selected studies on a variety of topics, special seminars and activities designed to assist them in the transition they are making from students to soldiers. 

Alumni Program Budget


Dates of Project:


Cost of Project Coordinator:


Lecturers and Teachers


Housing and Food for 10 participants:


Trips and extra-curricular activities:


Total Project Cost:


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