Scholarship Program for Druze IDF Veterans - תכנית מלגות לדרוזים ותיקי צה"ל

One of the areas of concern that the Israel Independence Fund has is the status of the Druze community of Israel. The Druze in Israel have embraced Jewish independence since 1948 and fought and died alongside us in every war since.  

While many Jewish philanthropies and philanthropists concentrate their "coexistence" work in Israel with communities which express antagonism to the very existence of a Jewish State, a policy which has not worked and has clearly boomeranged on us despite the investment of huge financial resources, few if any seek to further the interests of the 120,000 Druze, whose sons continue to faithfully serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

We seek to strengthen Israel's bond with the Druze community of Israel by providing educational opportunities to a community, pilloried in the world wide Arabic speaking media for their commitment to Israel on the one hand and not fully understood and appreciated by many Israeli Jews on the other. We seek to do this with a simple and effective platform: the provision of university scholarships to qualified Druze candidates who have completed their service in the Israel Defense Forces.

One Year Academic Scholarship                       $  4,000.

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