HaEer HaIvrit - העיר העברית

South Tel Aviv has endured years of severe neglect in education, infrastructure, and suffers severe social decay – but never life threatening danger until the forced arrival of over 100,000 illegal infiltrators from the Muslim countries of Eritrea and Sudan. The streets have become the most unsafe streets in Israel with a crime reported every seven minutes..

Supported by well-funded leftist NGO's who use their huge financial resources to appeal to Israel's Supreme Court on their behalf, illegal infiltrators are allowed to live above the law, despite having have no legal official status, and not worthy of asylum status. They open illegal businesses with capital resources they bring from outside the country, pay no taxes, and have imposed tyrannical terror upon Jewish inhabitants of the neighborhoods they occupy.

In recent years there has been a mass exodus of residents leading to the abandonment of community property and synagogues that have become illegal African bars and clubs. Torah scrolls were stolen. Jewish Holidays and Shabbatot are desecrated constantly.

"HaEer HaIivrit" ( The Hebrew City) is against dispersing illegal infiltrators across Israel so that other Jews suffer, and lobbies the Israeli Government to find a solution that repatriates them from the State of Israel to hteir home countries.

“HaEer HaIvrit” was established by South Tel Aviv resident May Golan who emerged as the leading social activist, voice, and symbol of hope for the people. She has voluntarily dedicated the last four years fighting on the front line, day and night, publicizing unreported injustices of abuse, rape, brutal violence and murder by illegal infiltrators via her Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Media. May often appears in the Media and lobbies against High Court and Knesset decisions.

Important Projects

  • Establish a fully equipped office and a strong support movement to affect the policies of the Israeli Government and Tel Aviv Municipality, and be in constant communication with Knesset Ministers and law-enforcement officials.     

  $ 25,000.

  • Maximize & develop online PR exposure in English to counter the opinions of extreme leftists and challenge their media monopoly.


  • Retain legal counsel to file civil, criminal and class action lawsuits for victims of crime by infiltrators and fight appeals by extreme left organizations and the Supreme Court.


  • Fund Lectures and expand Tours in South Tel Aviv and across Israel. 


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