HaKol HaAmiti الصوت الحقيقي הקול האמיתי

For far too long the most prominent voice among Arab citizens of Israel, if not the sole voice, has been extreme and anti-Zionist in nature. Rather than insure the benefit of their natural constituencies, Israeli Arab MK’s and municipal elected officials more often spend their days in seditious endeavors in an attempt to garner audacious headlines rather than insuring better infrastructure and services for their voters and communities.  Israel’s vibrant democracy in the Arab sector has been hijacked. It is held hostage by increasingly radical elements determined only to insure the ideological abandonment of peaceful, meaningful coexistence for jihad and the destruction of the Jewish state.

While there are many dividing factors between different ethnic groups living in Israel today, there is, and should always have been, a single common denominator that unites citizens of all religions and faiths: the common good.

“The True Voice” (הקול האמיתי   Al’Saut Al’ Hakiki الصوت الحقيقي) founded eight years ago by Anet Haskia, represents that spark of positive energy that seeks to return the voice of reason to the public discourse on Israel’s Arab street. An Arab Muslim woman, a proud Israeli, mother to three children who serve in the IDF (two sons in elite combat units and a daughter in the Education Corps of the IDF) Anet is unabashedly proud of her country, Israel, and its empowering democratic nature. She proudly identifies with the State, its institutions and symbols and encourages other non-Jewish Israelis to join her in publically acknowledging the benefits of living in a Jewish State. 

Anet is a pioneer who eloquently expresses the other voice of today’s Arab Israeli community, a not insignificant part of which is tired of the extremist political manipulations that ultimately destroy freedom of expression within the community and ultimately integration into society at large by denigrating and demonizing any positive contribution to it.  “I want to see a generation that will view itself as proud Israeli Arabs.” –Anet Haskia

Goals and Objectives:

  • Creation of organizational structure allowing for outreach and constituency building
  • Creation of a dynamic website in three languages: English, Hebrew and Arabic with content identical on the different pages but would engage the audiences of those speaking those particular languages in their cultural nuance.
  • Investment in marketing Facebook, Twitter pages in Hebrew, Arabic and  English
  • Establishment of a social mechanisms such as a parlor meetings,  outings, Independence Day celebrations, Memorial Day ceremonies, youth activities which would allow Arab Israeli adults and a youth to explore their patriotism and Zionism alongside IDF personnel and opinion leaders, thus strengthening the relationship between them and the State of Israel and its institutions.

The True Voice seeks a grant of $20,000.

Administrative Costs (Attorney’s fees, Government licensing) $2,000
Logistical Support (Computers, printers) $3,000
Website       $2,000
Events   $10,000
Travel Expenses $4,000


The Israel Independence Fund is the only funding resource for “The True Voice”

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