HaShomer Yehudah V’Shomron השומר יהודה ושומרון

HaShomer Yehudah V’Shomron (the Guardians of Yehuda and the Shomron) was founded in 2012, its mission is to relieve the constant pressure on the farmers of Yehudah & Shomron to leave their land and abandon their endeavors and livelihoods.

HaShomer Yosh organizes volunteers to take part in actively guarding the farms, allowing the farmers to get much-needed rest, and providing essential security services allowing them to continue our return to the Land. Volunteers of HaShomer Yosh guard at night, so as to help the herders, farmers and ranchers go on with their important mission during the day.

During the past year there has been a dramatic increase in the number of herds that have been stolen and the damage done to farms, vineyards and orchards is often financially and emotionally crippling. This is an increasing phenomena and it is urgent to widen HaShomer’s activities as soon as possible.

Current Status

With over 200 volunteers and 12-15 farms/herds protected nightly we need to quickly expand our activities to over 60 farms and ranches thorughout the region, almost all of which provide a critical startegic depth to Jewish communitites throughout the regions.


Meir Bartler – (28) CEO Marketing Company. Served in Nahal Haredi. Founder HaShomer Yosh. Responsible for Marketing & Recruiting

Moshe Tamir: (40) Security Officer, Shilo. Trains regional security teams in Yehuda & Shomron. Served as an officer in IDF Special Forces. Responsible for Security

Yair Ben David (36): Attorney at Law, Served in IDF Special Forces. Founder HaShomer Yosh. Responsible for Volunteers.

Shabtai Kolshlavski – (30) Sheep farmer Har Hevron region. IDF service in Golani. Responsible for farmer relations

Guarding Strategic Depth and the Livlihood of Dozens of Families...

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Recruitment/Publicity                          $28,000.

Volunteer Training                               $24,000.

Equipment:                                          $46,000.

Communication, safety, night vision

devices, flares, medical equipment,

light sticks, flashlights, projectors

Administration                                      $36,000.

All Terrain Patrol vehicles (2)              $40,000.

Transportation Costs                           $22,000.  


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