Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Under the leadership of Board President, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, The Board of Directors of the IIF meets regularly in order to discuss the goals and objectives of the Fund and the imprint of the strategic philanthropic support it provides to organizations throughout Israel.

Our Executive Director, Aharon Pulver, has lived in Israel for 45 years, providing him with the proximity, contacts, connections and understanding necessary to spearhead the IIF's mission. He maintains close contact with the Board to further leverage the tasks needed to further the Fund’s objectives.

Furthermore US board members visit Israel frequently allowing for constant communication and the cross-pollination of ideas and concerns.

The IIF Board of Directors:

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, President

Aharon Pulver, Executive Director

Judith Friedman Rosen, PhD., Vice President

Kenneth Abramowitz, Treasurer


Alexander Lanzman

Douglas Altabef, Esq.

Eva Rosenstein

Judy Freedman Kadish

Abe Beyda

Jorge Kaplan

Eric Ruskin, Esq.

Dr. Gerry Platt


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