Who We Are

Who We Are

The Israel Independence Fund, founded in 2007, plays a unique role in helping Israel to realize its continuing vision as a strong, secure and uniquely  Jewish State devoted to the welfare and future of our People, and to the values of Zionism and democracy. 

The IIF employs its own on the ground resources to identify NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Israel that work effectively to strengthen the State, Zionism and the Jewish People.

These organizations might be focused on different aspects of society – educational, national, civic, religious or cultural – but they share a common thread of seeking to build, strengthen and enhance Israel as a secure, vibrant and thriving Jewish State.

These groups also tend to be rich in people, passion, commitment and vision, but financially challenged.

The IIF not only identifies such groups, providing them with funding that can help them make a difference, but also works with them to make them even more effective at carrying out their respective missions. 

For those seeking to truly help Israel, the IIF is an incredible resource, as we have the ability to identify and incubate unique smaller organizations that cannot afford extensive fund raising resources, but rather seek to employ all their resources into their particular mission, on the ground in Israel. 

For donors, the IIF represents targeted, strategic and direct philanthropy that is itself as lean, focused and uniquely effective as the organizations we support. We are both an IRS Registered 501(c)3 charity in the United States and a registered Amuta not-for-profit organization in Israel.

We invite you to learn more about our vital work and then to join with us as we together incubate Israel’s secure tomorrow…today.



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