Shabbat Meals for the IDF

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Since the beginning of the war the Israel Independence Fund has focused its efforts on working together with our partner organizations and with civil, governmental agencies, with social services of the IDF and with individual communities, farms, homesteads throughout Israel to define exactly those areas of endeavor in which we can be most effective. 
The IIF has provided countless communities, kibbutzim and moshavim with enhanced first response ability and will continue to do so. We have provided dozens of professional first aid packets to isolated communities and farms, all while continuing our support for our partner organizations. 
Working together with the IDF Rabbinate we continue to provide enhanced Shabbat meals to thousands of IDF soldiers in the field. With over 400,000 citizen soldiers mobilized many of whom have not seen home for two months, a Shabbat meal replete with “all the fixings” provides great comfort to our men and women in the field. 
A donation of $2,500 will provide hundreds of IDF soldiers with hot, tasty meals replete with a wonderful meal on Friday night and even Cholent and Kugel during the day on Shabbat. Your donation of $180 will provide a platoon with the same. Please join us in this very important effort. Invite countless IDF soldiers in the field to “your Shabbat table”. 
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