Shabbat Meals for the IDF

Since the beginning of the war the Israel Independence Fund has focused its efforts on working together with our partner organizations and with civil, governmental agencies, with social services of the IDF and with individual communities, farms, homesteads throughout Israel to define exactly those areas of endeavor in which we can be most effective. The IIF has provided countless communities, kibbutzim and moshavim with enhanced first response ability and will continue to do so. We have provided dozens of professional first aid packets to isolated communities and farms, all while continuing our support for our partner organizations. More
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B'Yadenu בידינו

The B'Yadenu, formerly the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, is dedicated to ending the unconscionable discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site. It is the leading and most innovative civil rights initiative for Jewish civil and religious rights on the Temple Mount, advocating full expression of Israeli sovereignty on the Mount and throughout Yerushalayim. More

Anchor Communities in the Galil גרעינים תורניים בגליל

Supporting Anchor Communities (גרעינים תורניים) throughout the Western and Central Galilee where Jews comprise a shockingly low percentage of the population, but 29%. Based on common values and dedication to Torah, the People and the Land of Israel, the Anchor Communities provide vision and hope to communities under pressure of drastic demographic change in regions of great strategic importance such as K'far V'radim, Acco, Nof HaGalil, Ma'alot, and Karmiel.

The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee - מורשת הגליל העליון

The Jewish community of Peqi’in in the Galilee has long been a symbol of the uninterrupted Jewish presence in the Land of Israel from time immemorial. This never exiled Jewish community has existed in Peqi’in uninterrupted for over 2,500 years with documented evidence since the days of the Second Temple. Thus it has become an icon to the Zionist movement and the State of Israel. More

HaShomer Yehudah V’Shomron השומר יהודה ושומרון

HaShomer Yehudah V’Shomron (the Guardians of Yehuda and Shomron) was founded in 2012, its mission is to relieve the constant pressure on the farmers of Yehudah & Shomron to leave their land and abandon their endeavors and livelihoods. Volunteers of HaShomer Yehuda and Shomron guard at night, so as to help the herders, farmers and ranchers go on with their important mission during the day. More

Beit Chabad K'Far V'radim בית חב"ד כפר ורדים

In a region where a mere 29% of the population is Jewish, a vibrant Chabad House will be an essential component to a stable Jewish majority on K'far V'radim, a pivotal community in the Western Galilee. A strong, well established, large Chabad House is one of the best anchors for maintaining the Jewish nature of a village or neighborhood, as proven time and time again in other neighborhoods and villages throughout Israel . An effective center for expanding Jewish identity, a permanent home for Beit Chabad is central to encouraging other young Jewish families to join the community and to maintain its Jewish majority. More

AD KAN עד כאן

AD KAN was founded in 2013 and is comprised of former members of IDF special operations units and of the Israel intelligence community. AD KAN activists have devoted their individual abilities and professional experience to expose the seditious nature of the anti-Israel NGO’s operating from within Israel, and often doing so at great personal risk. Exposing the true nature of viral anti-Israel organizations. More

National Vision - חזון לאומי

Chazon Leumi incubates Zionist leadership on university and college campuses in Haifa and the north, providing unique seminars concerning Zionism, Jewish history, Zionist political activism and conducting tours throughout Yehuda the Shomron and Yerushalayim allowing university students firsthand knowledge of parts of the Land of Israel previously unfamiliar to them. The core program of the organization - "National Leaders Training" is a unique program preparing participants to participate in the Israel's rough and tumble public sphere. More

Yeshivat Hesder of Upper Nazereth - ישיבת ההסדר נצרת עלית

One of the primary criteria for determining which programs and initiatives the IIF will choose to help fund is the strategic or ripple effect significance of a particular project. We favor those where relatively modest levels of financial support can have outsized impact.The Yeshivat Hesder of Upper Nazareth is a great example of the potential for such beneficial ripple effect in a development town facing the most daunting social and demographic challenges. More

Nirim B'Harim נירים בהרים

This unique, life saving program, combining survivalist training, hard farm work and intensive therapy on an individual level is one of the best investments one could make. Young men and women turning out on the parade grounds of the IDF in crisp uniforms rather than Gd forbid languishing behind bars and returning to a life of crime and drugs. Nothing better represents TIKKIN OLAM. More

Israel's Druze Community

One of our deep concens is the status of the Druze community of Israel. The Druze in Israel have embraced Jewish independence since 1948 and fought and died alongside us in every war and military conflict until this very day. While nearly all Jewish philanthropies concentrate their "coexistence" work in Israel with communities which express antagonism to the very existence of a Jewish State, few seek to further the interests of the 120,000 Druze, whose sons continue to faithfully serve in the Israel Defense Forces. It is regrettable that the Druze are all too often overlooked because of their loyalty while financial resources are poured into communities both extremely vocal and extremely antagonistic to Zionism and the rights of the inherant Jewish People. We seek to strengthen Israel's bond with the Druze community of Israel by providing educational opportunities We currenlty support an innovative project of the Druze Youth Movement (associated with the Is

Regavim - רגבים

Setting a Zionist agenda for the State of Israel, with an emphasis on the land and its management and preservation. Based on the belief that the government holds the key to implementing this key value, Regavim is operating through legislative and judicial channels to recruit officials and state resources to act on the principles of Zionism – to protect national lands and properties and prevent foreign elements from taking over the countries territorial resources. More

MiBerashit Karmiel - מבראשית כרמיאל

MiBerashit Karmiel was created to address the connection of the youth in the Galilee to Zionism and to our common Jewish destiny. Projects concentrate on deepening the connection of the youth of Karmiel, one of the Jewish centers of the region, and their families with historical Jewish roots in the Galilee. As the demographic trends in the Galilee change creative programming in Jewish/Zionist identify provides an inspirational anchor for communities throughout the region. More

Mevo’ot Yericho - מבואות יריחו

Mevo’ot Yericho was established in 1999 and has developed gradually into a community which covers thousands of dunam, thus insuring the control of the magical, strategic strip of land near Jericho . The community thus fulfills a key security interests by preventing the creation of a foreign territorial continuity between Jericho and Ramallah. More

HaZorim B'Rinah הזורעים ברינה

HaZorim B’Rinah trains young Jewish men and women, post IDF service, in shepherding and farming allowing for a Jewish revival of agricultural labor, encouraging proper land management insuring a greater footprint in strategic areas such as the Galilee and the Jordan valley

Scholarships for Ethiopian Teens, March of the Living מילגות לנוער יהודי אתיופי

March of the Living Scholarships provided to high school students from the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel, strengthening Jewish identity and the sense of the commonality of Jewish history and destiny, leading to an increase in dedication to community leadership and greater motivation for significant service in the IDF.

Yeshivat Avner Acco ישיבה קדם צבאית אבנר עכו

Yeshivat Hesder Avner Acco... located in the newer quarter of Acco the Yeshiva provides a strong anchor for the dwindling Jewish population in the neighborhood. During the recent anti-Jewish riots the Yeshiva was on the front line and we are now providing security cameras and communications equipment to insure the safety of the young men of pre-military service age and staff of the Yeshiva.

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