MiBerashit Karmiel - מבראשית כרמיאל

Because a mind is truly a terrible thing to waste!

Within the last decade it has become clear that the demographic trends in the Galilee have been leading to an ever growing non Jewish majority, a fact seen by Israeli’s of all political persuasions as critical to Israel’s Zionist future. Additionally the majority of Jewish children in the Galilee today are given a very bare minimum of Jewish/Zionist education as the Ministry of Education continually cuts class hours and curriculum related to core issues of Jewish identity and Zionism. Thus all too many Jewish children whose families do stay in the Galilee are not imbued with a sense of mission. Unless something is done to change this situation, both demographically and educationally, the possibility of non Jewish dominance over the daily life and culture of the Galilee is not far away.

Who we are

“Mibirashit” , an educational movement founded by Rabbi Mordechai Elon, head of the world renowned Yeshivat HaKotel in the Old City of Yerushalayim, widely recognized as Israel’s leading Hesder Yeshiva, seeks to make Jewish knowledge and Zionist education accessible to Jews of all ages. With programs throughout Israel “Mibirashit” reaches tens of thousands of Israelis of all ages providing unique educational frameworks for strengthening Jewish and Zionist education

What we do

“The Israeli Galilee Program” was created to address the connection between Israeli identification of the youth in the Galilee to Zionism and to our common Jewish destiny. The project will concentrate, in particular, on deepening the connection between the youth of Karmiel, one of the Jewish centers of the region, and their families with the Jewish roots in the Galilee, to develop the Jewish identity of the youth see themselves as part and parcel of the chain of Jewish settlement of the Galilee from time immemorial and to strengthen Zionism and love of country.

Description of the Project

This educational project has been designed for 8th 9th and 10th graders and includes curriculum concerning: the history of the Jewish people in the Galilee from the Mishnaic period, Jewish thought and wisdom whose source is from the Galilee, the sages of the Kabalah from Mt. Meron and Tzfat, the historical continuity of a Jewish presence in the Galilee throughout the years of exile, settlement in the modern period, etc…The project will be steered by educational leaders specially trained in Jewish enrichment programming.

Anticipated participation

In the first year of the pilot project: approximately 150 pupils. In the following years with expanded project implementation: approx. 1, 800 pupils from the 8th-10th grades in the state schools of Karmiel

Expenses for building and developing the project

Per grade: 
Program Development $3,500
Field trips $1,850
Writing the plays for the event $1,000
Planning class evenin $1,000
Graphics $1,200
Special Activities Equipment $1,000
Total expenses per grade $9,550
Total (for all 3 grades) $28,650

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