AD KAN עד כאן

Israel is under concerted attack on a number of fronts which endanger its future character. During the last twenty years a network of organizations and NGO’s, financed primarily by the European Union, its component governments, the New Israel Fund and extremist philanthropies with anti-Zionist agendas, has been operating in Israel to forward an agenda that would result in the end of Israel as the national state of the Jewish People.

These NGO’s are central to both local and international movements encouraging the boycott, divestment and sanction of Israel. Importantly they provide input and “Israeli” and “Jewish” lip service to their activities and their result: the dangerous and unprecedented global growth of anti-Semitism. These seditious organizations regularly demonize Jews and Israelis. By pressing legal charges on the international stage against Israeli government officials and IDF soldiers and officers they threaten Israel’s international standing and foreign relations. Ultimately they threaten the physical safety of Jews everywhere.

AD KAN was founded in 2013 and is comprised of former members of IDF special operations units and of the Israel intelligence community. AD KAN activists have devoted their individual abilities and professional experience to expose the seditious nature of the anti-Israel NGO’s operating from within Israel, and often doing so at great personal risk. Exposing the true nature of viral anti-Israel organizations such as “Breaking the Silence”, “B’Tzelem”, “Rabbis for Human Rights”, ”Ta’ayush”, etc.. AD KAN has set an ambitious goal: ending the continued criminal activity of these organizations using novel state of the art methods of operation developed as a result of many years of experience and training in Israel’s intelligence community.

This past month the expose of the BDS supporting NGO “Breaking the Silence” has led to an official criminal investigation of their activities, called for by the PM of Israel. After viewing the evidence shown on Israeli TV, Israel Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon referred to “Breaking the Silence” agents as “traitors and spies”.

We believe that exposing the truth will significantly erode public support for the groups and individuals who delegitimize Jewish rights and the Jewish State, who incite physical violence against the soldiers of the IDF, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and Israelis and Jews everywhere.

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