B'Yadenu בידינו

B'Yadenu was founded by a broad spectrum representative of the Israeli Jewish population, unified to end the unconscionable discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site.The leading and most innovative civil rights initiative for Jewish civil and religious rights of free access, free worship and free congregation on the Temple Mount. 

B'Yadeynu seeks nothing less than clear, unambiguous Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount. This sovereignty must be evidenced and expressed in both word and deed, facilitating Jewish prayer while actively maintaining, protecting, preserving and developing the greatest site of our national and religious heritage: the site to which we lifted our eyes and yearned with our hearts throughout the long exile and rebirth of Zion.

In order to achieve these goals The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation needs to urgently affect public opinion primarily in Israel, and secondarily in the world .We will accomplish this only with the help of strategic critical partners in Israel and throughout the Jewish world

What we are engaed in now:

  • bringing the Temple Mount to the people through media, internet, parlor meetings, community meetings,  workshops, conferences, demonstrations, special events
  • providing free guide services to Jews ascendng the mount at all times ascent of Jews is permitted  
  • creating and working with MK's, Ministers, through the K'nesset Lobby for the Temple Mount established by B'Yadenu

We now seek funding for proper infrastructure, personnel for ever expanding activities, publishing (brochures), website development,  extended social media reach, intensified lobbying efforts, subsidizing buses from all over Israel, workshops and conferences.  


Estimated annual cost: $250,000


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