The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee - מורשת הגליל העליון

The Jewish community of Peqi’in in Israel’s Upper Galilee has long been a symbol of the uninterrupted Jewish presence in the Land of Israel from time immemorial. This never exiled Jewish community has existed in Peki’in uninterrupted for over 2,500 years.  It's presence is documented since the days of the Second Temple, thus it has become an icon to the Zionist movement and the State of Israel.

Peqi’in, now with only a few Jewish residents and a Druze majority, has an array of unique Jewish archaeological sites and a synagogue typical of the post Second Temple period, with artifacts reputed to have been salvaged from the ruins of the Holy Temple itself. Due to its unique importance the doors of the synagogue and the village spring appear on Israel’s currency (the NIS 100.note).

According to the Talmud, Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai (זצ”ל), a bitter opponent of Roman rule in Eretz Yisrael, was forced to go into hiding with his son for many years during the rebellion.

Tradition has it that next to the mouth of the cave a carob tree sprang up and a spring of fresh water gushed forth. Thus provided against hunger and thirst they wrote the Holy Zohar. The cave, carob tree and spring are protected and preserved to this day for all to see!

Imbued with a sense of responsibility for the unique nature of the Jewish community of Peqi'in and for the welfare of Peki’in’s residents the Heritage Association strives to further strengthen the unique ties between the two communities and to educate the Israeli public about Peki’in in particular, and the Galilee in general.

What we do

As part of their educational activities to strengthen the Jewish/Zionist ethos, the Association offers seminars, walking tours, and study sessions in the ancient synagogue to groups of soldiers and officers from the IDF, and groups of visitors from throughout Israel and from around the world. Last year alone over 15,000 IDF soldiers and officers where introduced to the unique Jewish history of Peki’in and its importance to our collective identity today!

IDF Visitors Center (Unique Naming Opportunity) $ 800,000.

Furnishings for IDF Visitors Center $220,000.

Soldiers Conference/Seminar Center $80,000.

Furnishings for Seminar Center $28,000

Cost of One Day Seminar for IDF Group (50-100 participants) $360.

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