Yeshivat Hesder of Upper Nazereth - ישיבת ההסדר נצרת עלית

One of the primary criteria for determining which programs and initiatives the IIF will choose to help fund is the strategic or ripple effect significance of a particular project. We favor those where relatively modest levels of financial support can have outsized impact.The Yeshivat Hesder of Upper Nazareth is a  great example of the potential for such beneficial ripple effect.


Upon the invitation of the mayor and town council, a new Yeshivat Hesder has opened in Upper Nazareth with the express purpose of strengthening the dwindling Jewish majority of the town, and imbuing the town with new purpose and determination. In short order, the Yeshivat Hesder has already provided a Jewish anchor in a small city which fears for its future, due to massive demographic changes both internally and in the central Galilee region of Israel in general.


Yeshivot Hesder in Israel have proven to be very strong anchors for a committed activist Zionist community in a city or town, often  providing leadership for such communities which might be struggling to maintain or to grow – in size and strength – the local Jewish presence. The Yeshiva Hesder in Upper Nazereth plays a similar role, and they and we believe that adding a married students’ Kollel will clearly enhance the standing of the Yeshiva within the community.

Married students – typically older than the single ones – provide role models and mentoring, maturity and leadership, not only for younger students, but for the larger community. By providing a modest stipend to each family of approximately $1,200/month a critical mass of 10 families can establish a new anchor.

The beneficial impact to Upper Nazareth is likely to dwarf the reasonable projected financial outlay.

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